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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Heart Story

You gave me a gift. You told me it was a heart.
I accepted your gift. I called it my heart.

I found a hole on one side. You filled the hole in my heart.
You felt the hole from one side. I found you in my heart.
You said you had to depart anew. I told you my heart is with you.
I drilled a hole in my heart. You made a mark in my life.

I gave you a gift back. I told you it was the hole in my heart.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Snow, okaeri

Here heaven has come,
As cloud-covered earth kiss sky
Next my angel by
Okaeri nasai
Two weeks, earth and heaven, done
Eternally one.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Where in the world are we now?

Where in the world am I now?
I am so far away from you
Yet, so close to deadline.

Where in the world are you now?
You are so far away from me
Yet, so close to deadline.

If we are in the same world
We can meet at our deadline.

In space, we may be so far
In time, we will soon be one.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Heading home at midnight's autumn (20120926) (slumber)
I see a house,
A familiar place
That warms me
In cold nights.

I see a soul,
A familiar figure
Vanishing into the darkness
Of the night.

I see myself
In a body
Numbed for loneliness
Lacking of warmth
Trapped in a future
Of tomorrow's sight.

I see the house
An unfamiliar place
That mystifies me
In a lost sense.

I see my soul
An unfamiliar figure
Sinful of worldly pursuits
Fearful of divine truths
Damned and unsaved,
And yet loved.

I see no one
Except an emptiness
Of a beating heart
Filled with excesses
Of longing
For a house,
A soul,
To be

Sunday, August 5, 2012

I, One, and You

I won't leave you, 
I'd be beside you, 
Until we become one. 
Some may come and some may go; 
Others may not come, but I'll never go. 
I look natural here with you.
I'd wait for time until it says, it's time. 
Until then, 
I mean to be with you. 
I'm not going.

-Berlin, 27072012

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Welcome to the University for Peace (UPeace)

Believe me, I’ve been there
It’s not what you think it is now
It won’t be what you will think of it next year
It’s UPeace, where dreamers meet
Restless traveler's souls find solace 
On a hill nearly touching the sky
Dreaming and imagining of a better place 
Than here, a more peaceful time
Than now, a solution to problems never tried
Yet so true in minds, in hearts
Keep the truth, nurture it
You will be challenged, shaken
Disturbed by the very friends
And people whom you thought will be with you 
No longer
Alone, treasure the moment 
In picnic park 
Feel the serenity of lakes
Enjoy companionship too
Even ducks go by their peers
Walk up and down the campus
Get to know people along the way
Play table tennis with Esteban (he’s good)
Talk to Williams in German and show your ID (“boys and girls”)
Share a joke with Eddy and Oscar (they will reciprocate it)
Play chess with Ross (beat him if you can)
Discuss, debate with resident and visiting professors
Don’t believe what they say without asking
They too aren’t sure of the question
Visit the library (even if no one is there)
Borrow at least one book unrelated to your studies
Trust me, it will keep you sane
Eat at least once in cafeteria 
To know a better food exists somewhere
Be lazy, sleep, rest (you deserve it)
But read a lot, keep reading
While you feel lazy, sleepy, tired
If not, go out for heaven’s sake
Find inspiration in classmates, teachers 
In nature, food, places, movies, music
Wherever, because you will not have all the time
Time is the most elusive there
But you will have UPeace.
Experience it
Be open
Respect others
You know they are different
Do not dwell on the differences
Again, believe me
I can go on, and on
But it is not what I say it here
It’s UPeace
It is.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Walk Along Parallel Streets

You asked me then why
Of all two people be together
For reasons alone or no other
Why on earth you and i

Over time i thought about it
searching for the right intention
When the brief moment's logic
Is equal to the psycho of my own

All im asking is your time
Needs not feel spilled nor wasted
Like the waters in the run
In your hand, keep not instead

Be not afraid, my dear one
I am no like your ghastly ghost
Rather a knight to a damsel
For you, i shall be one of those

Now i hope it made perfect sense
Somewhere written maybe the two of us
There is a feel of effervescence
Oh together, we can only do so much.